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You Get it!


Go ahead…Get sweaty, Again already! If you’re looking for a new, an old or maybe just some more great ideas on living in a Healthier - - Happier Lifestyle. Wow, you're the part of the positive, progressive, population who gets it, gets what? gets better and better as time goes on.  YOU stay in touch with you and at the same time you recognize it's not easy to be you.  You know you have so many pieces of you that have not been explored. You know the pieces are there and you want to touch them, you want, you want to try them on, you want to see what they feel like.  But you can't, you're not ready yet.  How do we know you're not ready? Not the question, the question is "How do you know you're not ready for that New Business Venture?"  How do you know you're not ready for that New Car?"  How do you know you're not ready to Plan that Great Vacation?"  How do you know when you're ready to fall in love with you all over again.  Oh yeah, get sweaty, this is about your best dream lifestyle. 

Who doesn't want the best kind of Lifestyle that speaks to who you are from both your inner and outer profile. You know what, the best part about this whole self-awareness/self discovery thing is, You Know, "Not news", you already know and we're not telling you nothing you do not already know.  Who defines you? "You Do" and you're the only person who can define who you are in this world. OK, OK, you know the world is huge and you do not know everyone in it. So best, we look to define ourselves to the people who we do know. Of course when you start defining yourself and building your best lifestyle foundation, out of crayons at first.  Folks will come out of everywhere who will want to tell your story. Now, that's not a bad thing that folks want to tell your story, don’t worry about that part of it.  They may actually get some of it correct and of course ad-lib on the other part, don't worry about it.  "You Know" you are the Only you who can tell your story to whomever you choose to tell your story to. Which takes us back to you do not have to say anything. if you do not want to share or talk about what makes you unique in this world, don’t. And as for people who want to have something else to say about who you really are, let them. The more you buy into what others have to say about you. The more confused you could become in trying to defend or live-up to the expectations of other people. Apparently those same folks are taking a break from talking about themselves. Correct me if we're wrong, Talking about yourself is the new thing folks enjoy doing.  And you look to them like an interesting person. We definitely do not know who has the extra for all of that, unless of course it their job to  talk about you, well, then, you know that's another story for the bloggers.  You know what, guess what, timing is everything. What about you? Is this a good time for you to become Healthier and Happier with your lifestyle choices and goals? ...

You say all the time you want to eat better. You want to lose weight to fit back into those skinny clothes. You want to exercise more. You want to be a bigger contributor to your community activity programs. You want to have more time for your children, family members or even your love life. So, what’s stopping you from achieving all those achievable wants? Apparently, it’s timing, for some darn reason or another you simply cannot find the time to do all there is you want to do in your personal and professional life,. When it comes right down to the facts of life.  We only have 24 hours in a day and from what we can tell it’s our personal life that suffers more than our professional life. Our professional life comes with a set of predefined mandatory requirements.  Maybe, if our personal life came with predefined mandatory requirements, we’d find more time to accomplish more of those personal goals. Well, guess what? News Flash!  


Home Work

  • Speak(5) Positive Messages daily Into Your life.

  • Speak (5) Positive Messages daily into the Lives of Others around you

  • Think Positive Progressive thoughts.

  • Set Realistic 30 Day Goals.